How to make a screen frame?

How to make a screen frame?
Step 1: Exposure.
Perpare a blank screen frame, with mesh and cover with sensitive glus. Stick the film to the printing surface of the screen frame (convexity side), then put the film and screen frame in the vacuum exposure machine. The exposure time should depends on the thickness of the sensitive glue and the power of the exposure machine.  Something you should understand. If the exposure time is too short or too long, the sensitive glue will be moved away very easily, so the logo will not stick hard enough to the mesh.You should conside it with exposure slide rule
how to make a screen frame
Step 2: Develop.
Put the film away, and soak in the cool water (20-30℃) for about 1 minute. Then wash it with a high pressure water gun till the logo comes out. Dry the screen frame.
This is how to make a screen frame.
If you have any question, do let me know.
Enjoy the fun, enjoy the world.

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