Maintenance for a silk screen printer

Maintenance for a silk screen printer
Machine Maintenance;
The maintenance and service of a silk screen printer involves management on many aspects. Here only indicates the basic requirements which are necessary to keep the silk screen printer in normal operation, whilst managements on other aspects such as cleanness and sanitation of inside and surface of the machine: around the machine as well as working site etc and circumstances, will be specified by relevant stipulations and systems prepared by users themselves. Do inspect regularly to ensure that the air quality meets the requirements.
Daily Maintenance;
Do check whether the silk screen printer operates normally before starting up, before and during operation every day; in case of any abnormal action or abnormal sound, do immediately check it and conduct troubleshooting.   In examination, in case of no mechanical trouble but poor lubrication, check each and every relevant drive part and add lubricant at once. After daily work, do clean the surface of machine. Discharge condensed water in air filter regularly.
Monthly Maintenance;
At the end of every month, do examine each and every moving part of the silk screen printer and add lubricant, and eliminate lubricant concretion if necessary and clean it with gasoline, then fill in new lubricant.
Half-year Maintenance;
In normal circumstance, Repair the machine thoroughly once every six months; do examine each and every moving part fully for rustiness, wear and lubricant concretion etc, and deal with them immediately if necessary.
Annual Maintenance;
After one-year operation, examine the machine in all aspects, among which examination on mechanical part includes such phenomena as rustiness, wear and lubricant concretion etc, with timely troubleshooting if necessary. Meantime, examine any and all air passage and air throat and replace those broken.
Keep your silk screen printer works well, it will earn you more.
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what is the advantages of screen printing?

what is the advantages of screen printing?
    Screen printing is well know as printing on T-shirt, but it can work on many another material, such as glass, wooden, plastic and paper. We call it all-purpose printing, what is the advantages of screen printing? Let me show you:
    1. You can print on any size and shape. General printing can just only work on flat surface, like paper. Screen printing is able to print on flat surface, but also print on cylinder things, such as bottles, pens, cups and other sharpe of things.
    2. You can feel the print by touching it, and with 3D sense. You can have a see at the TV-set remote control, if it is made by silicone, it must be screen printing. Can you feel it?
    3. Suitable for various kinds of ink, such as pulp color, mucilage, glue and printing ink.You shold know, what kind of material you want to print, you should use what kind of ink; Such as, if you want to print on plastic, you should use plastic ink.
    4. The printing can be very very beatiful and without laminating, and can not be affected by sunshine and ari temperature.
    5. Process is very convenient, cheap and wasy to understand. 
    These are the five advantages of screen printing. If you have any question, or something you want to know, do sent me a mail or give me a call, we will do our best to cooperate with you.
    Screen printing advantages impress me much, but it still have many disvantage you can have a look at :Disadvantages of screen printing.
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What is the meaning of a black silicone wristband?

What is the meaning of a black silicone wristband?

Black has noble, steady, the image of science and technology, many technology products coloring, such as television, cars, cameras, audio, the colour of instruments, mostly use black, among other things, black solemn image, space design is also commonly used in some special occasions, household items and clothing design mostly use black to create noble image, is also a kind of always popular main color, suitable for collocation and many colors.

    The black silicone wristband is used often in expressions. People describe a day in which everything goes wrong as a black day.
    The day of a major tragedy is remembered as a black day.
    A black list is illegal now, but at one time some businesses refused to employ people who are on a black list for belonging to unpopular organizations.
    So as to black silicone wristband, It means noble, but depends on what is logo are you going to print?

Are you ready to get a black silicone wristband?

Black blank silicone wristbands

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JQ2030R Silicone Wristband Screen Printer

JQ2030R Silicon Wristband Screen Printer
    JQ2030R Silicone wristband printer has a quick speed, but lower noise and high precise. Suitable for round and cone products with 5-100mm diameter, such as cosmetic products, chemical container, food packing cans and other related cylindrical products, especially suitable for silicone wristband printing and silicone bracelet printing.
1. Controlled by Microcomputer. Easy operate. 
2. Four figures automatic counters inside. 
3. Adjustable Print speed satisfies the different printing request. 
4. Constant pressure device of the ink blade, made sure the pressure in the printing is steady. 
5. High-precision printing platform with fine turning device. 
6. Convenient pedal switch, simplicity of operation, maintenance friendly. 
7. Independent printing and ink-return system 
8. Round and cone products are OK. 
9. Huffing function in sided, good for soft things. 
10. Separate mould for round and cone products
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JQ250 silicone wristband printer

JQ250 silicone wristband printer
  1. Microcomputer control system; Easy operation;
  2. High quality steel structure; Light and Solid;                                 
  3. Four figures automatic counters;
  4. Adjustable Printing route and speed, meet the different requirements of printing;
  5. Three models: manual, semiautomatic, automatic;
  6. Constant pressure device of the Squeegee blade, made sure the pressure in the printing is steady;
  7. Screen frame can be adjusted to front, back, left, right and level;
  8. Convenient pedal switch, simplicity of operation, maintenance friendly;
This silicone wristband printer is specially designed to print on silicone wristband, silicone bracelet and rubber wristband bracelet. Quick speed, up to 1.5 second per piece.
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