Why YS3050 small screen printer is so popular?

Why YS3050 small screen printer is so popular?
    This small screen printer is one of the company’s best-selling small screen printers, small size, convenience, high cost performance, not only suitable for small batch silk screen printing products, printing large quantities of products also applies to the small screen printer adopts 300 * 500 mm stainless steel suction type vacuum table, stainless steel workbench is very durable, convenient and clean, beautiful and easy; Vacuum suction type workbench, appropriate film printing, plate printing such as paper, PVC, PC, PET, etc., can also increase jig printing other flat products, such as batteries, control panel, silicone keys, etc.;
    This small screen printer equipped with independent pneumatic washing network device at the same time, a key washing net, no longer like the old small screen printing machine, also want to print head, twist screws carrying is convenient, simple, quick, greatly improved in edition, the efficiency of washing net, bring immeasurable economic benefits at the same time;
This small screen printing machine operation is very simple, after debugging, ordinary workers to operate, stable printing quality, high efficiency; Solve have master operation of printing quality, as everybody knows, the teacher can print is very beautiful, very perfect products, the us there is no denying the fact that people are the most intelligent, but we after all is the flesh of animals, we can not work continuously for a long time, we will be tired, we can relax, we will have emotions, when we are tired, or when we are not happy mood, we are difficult to achieve consistent print quality,            
    YS3050 small screen printer is the perfect solved the people will be tired, people have emotional problems, he is our right good helper, he will be completely according to our will, continuous work.
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Maintenance for a silk screen printer

Maintenance for a silk screen printer
Machine Maintenance;
The maintenance and service of a silk screen printer involves management on many aspects. Here only indicates the basic requirements which are necessary to keep the silk screen printer in normal operation, whilst managements on other aspects such as cleanness and sanitation of inside and surface of the machine: around the machine as well as working site etc and circumstances, will be specified by relevant stipulations and systems prepared by users themselves. Do inspect regularly to ensure that the air quality meets the requirements.
Daily Maintenance;
Do check whether the silk screen printer operates normally before starting up, before and during operation every day; in case of any abnormal action or abnormal sound, do immediately check it and conduct troubleshooting.   In examination, in case of no mechanical trouble but poor lubrication, check each and every relevant drive part and add lubricant at once. After daily work, do clean the surface of machine. Discharge condensed water in air filter regularly.
Monthly Maintenance;
At the end of every month, do examine each and every moving part of the silk screen printer and add lubricant, and eliminate lubricant concretion if necessary and clean it with gasoline, then fill in new lubricant.
Half-year Maintenance;
In normal circumstance, Repair the machine thoroughly once every six months; do examine each and every moving part fully for rustiness, wear and lubricant concretion etc, and deal with them immediately if necessary.
Annual Maintenance;
After one-year operation, examine the machine in all aspects, among which examination on mechanical part includes such phenomena as rustiness, wear and lubricant concretion etc, with timely troubleshooting if necessary. Meantime, examine any and all air passage and air throat and replace those broken.
Keep your silk screen printer works well, it will earn you more.
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